Business Storage

12 March 2017

The Perfect Business Storage Solutions for You

Our business storage solutions are perfect for all business owners who require additional storage space where they can keep their office and work space items safe, clean and dry. We offer inexpensive and secure storage units, which are ideal for the busy business person who wants to store their paperwork, important documents or their products in a safe environment out of harm’s way. To solve your business storage issues, turn to Moving In, who can give you all of the help, advice and support for putting your commercial items in a self-storage container. We offer excellent quality storage spaces which meet the necessary requirements for commercial self-storage and do not require any maintenance – perfect for the career man or woman!

Sometimes it is not always practical to keep your official documents and other belongings on site, but it doesn’t mean to say that you don’t need them. If you have important files or products that you are unable to keep at your current location because there is a chance of them becoming lost or stolen, then you may want to consider our safe and affordable storage facilities. During the many years in which we have been offering storage solutions for business people and purposes, we have hired out our units to numerous clients who have required additional storage space for a number of reasons. We believe that we have the answer for you, as far as storing your belongings goes, because we feel that our storage spaces are suitable for all.

Being in the business world ourselves, we can appreciate the fact that time is precious and you can’t afford to spend time checking up on items that you have put in storage. However, we can promise you that thanks to our clean, secure and dry self-storage containers, you will not have to worry about maintaining them. On all of the sites where are storage units are based, we have fitted surveillance cameras, which give the whole area full 24/7 security. But knowing how important your stored items are to you and due to the fact that you have put your trust in us, we don’t just stop there when it comes to security measures, because we even have our own full-time security guards on the site too.

Each of our units are ventilated to let the sufficient amount of air in to your container, without allowing vermin, water or thieves to get in or gain access. This clever ventilation system eliminates the chance of your belongings to become affected by odours or mould and will instead stay in immaculate condition. Our storage facilities each have a double locking system, making it near to impossible for intruders to gain access to the inside without a key. So, even if a highly unlikely situation where an intruder managed to enter the site, they would still not be able to get at your items.

When leaving your belongings and business items in storage, you want to make sure that the storage space is suitable for you and your needs. Taking this in to account, our team give each client the option to personally pick the storage container where they would like to store their goods.

We can help solve your storage issues no matter what you situation is, for example:
• You don’t have a stable office space to use for storage and are always travelling
• Storing important documents and items in your current working environment is not practical
• You are looking for a secure place to keep your files clean, organised and locked away safely
• You are in need of additional storage space

Moving In are always here to help, so call 020 8746 4358 today and let us solve your business storage solutions.

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