How to Simplify Your Business Relocation to Hammersmith

04 August 2016

business relocation

Let’s face it, moving to Hammersmith is not always the easiest task to deal with and although removal companies can help us with so much, it is up to us to make a lot of other decisions. Removal companies can take on the responsibilities that come with packing, transporting our goods, organisation and even storage, but they can’t advise you on where to move and which property to choose. On top of it all, fitting in a move which you can work around your busy working schedule at the office can prove difficult and you don’t want to risk losing business time or disturbing your employees either, so it is important that you carefully plan and simplify your business relocation. Our helpful business move step-by-step simplification guide will help make everything clearer and easier for you to understand and manage, which means that you can have an easier moving experience.moving office

Step 1 – To Move or Not to Move?!
Deciding on whether to take the plunge of packing up and moving your business to a different office space or area in the W6 district  is the first, most important decision that you will face. It is a good idea to start thinking at this point, whether or not you are in the right position to be able to handle relocating to Hammersmith and do you have an idea or a rough plan of where you are heading to? First, consider the advantages and disadvantages for going through with a commercial move, because it will save you time and pressure in the long moving checklist

Step 2 – Plan and Make a List
Once you have confirmed that you want to relocate to a new office in the W14 district, start planning and making lists to sort out the finer points. Think about what items you will need to move, the amount of items you will need transporting to your new destination, the kind of office space you are looking for and how big it needs to be and then make a list of the jobs you must do in the order that they must be completed. Now is the time to make enquiries and contact removal companies for quotes and information. You will also need to decide on how much you want the company to get involved, as many offer a range of additional services, such as packing, providing packing materials and self-storage too. Make sure you find a reputable company that you can rely on because it is too risky to move your business with an inexperienced, unreliable team. If you are planning to take care of the packing yourself, start to think about buying good quality packing materials and devise a plan to get all of your employees to help out with packing up the items in their department, including office equipment, stationery and files. It is also recommended that you organise your boxes and packing in some kind of order or by removals

Step 3 – The Big Day
Just a few days before moving, you will need to inform your clients and all of your employees that you will be relocating to Hammersmith and let them know if it will cause any difference to them, their work or their services. Consider realistically how long you will have to close the office, or if you will have to do so at all, before then notifying everyone of when you will be back up and running. So as to keep up your professional appearance in front of your employees and customers, you should make sure that they are informed of all changes and any differences regarding opening hours, so that they are made office

Step 4
Now, you have managed your successful business relocation to the W12 area, you can enjoy your new commercial environment!

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