Corporate Relocations

12 March 2017

Corporate Relocations for Happy Employees and Employers

A corporate relocation may come about due to numerous reasons and can be distressing for the employee and their families, as they will have to move area and settle in to a new working environment as soon as they arrive at their new destination. As the employer, you are responsible for providing your employee or group of employees a stress-free and efficient move, so that the responsibility of managing the move doesn’t fall completely on them. Your employees deserve to receive the right help and assistance throughout the whole moving process which they can only get when you hire a professional removals company such as Moving In. Each year, thousands of employers decide to hire us for their corporal relocation needs because by choosing us, they can guarantee that their employees will have an enjoyable moving experience and now, you can too.

There is a lot for your employee to think about when they agree to relocate with their job, for example:
• If the employee has children they will have to find a suitable school or college
• If they are moving internationally they may have to face a language barrier and begin to learn a new language
• Employees with families will either have to relocate with their family, where they will have to settle in to a new area and life, or they will have to commute and live away from them
• They may worry about settling in to their new working environment and the new area
• And there are also many other important factors to consider…
But it’s not just the matter of relocating that is the hard part, when balancing a full-time job it is difficult for a mover to find time to sort everything out successfully and without causing them any problems. This is why we offer a range of corporate relocation packages to suit each individual employer and of course, their employees. We have been in the business removal industry for years and can help with finding packing materials, organising your items, packing and even storing your belongings too, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Between our years of experience, team of excellent staff and sufficient resources, we are able to conduct the biggest or smallest of relocations to any national or international destination. Together with you, we want to make sure that your employees settle in to their new domestic and commercial environments well, having experienced an easy and enjoyable move. We can take responsibility for helping your employee settle in to their new location in the best way they can by providing them with useful contacts and can even help to put them in the right direction of finding schools, hospitals and other useful services.

Our company is fully capable of transporting the items of one, a few or groups of employees at any one time to any location where they need to go. So as not to drag out the moving process for longer than needed, we strive to provide each of our clients with a fast, safe and efficient move, even when we are travelling further afield.

You may choose to mix and match our services to benefit and make things easier on you and your employees, if so we can offer you:
• A professional and efficient removal
• Help and guidance throughout the whole process of the relocation
• the necessary, high quality packing materials
• We can organise and pack your employee’s belongings
• A full packing service where we supply the packing materials, organise and pack up every item
• Safe and clean storage units for storing your items in a secure place

If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8746 4358 and speak to Moving In in regards to your corporate relocation.

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