Privacy Policy

Since abides privacy protection rules, you should familiarise yourself with our established policies.
All data collected, including personal details and information, will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, as well as any and all applicable laws on the matter.
Control on personal information
All personal information collected through the use of is controlled by Moving In.
What is the collected information used for?
All of the personal information collected through the use of is provided with full knowledge by the user for the specific tasks performed on the site (such as registration or placing an order).
Personal details provided when placing an order are used for further processing and fulfilling of that order. To safeguard against false transactions, a number of security checks are present.
Other information we collect concerns each of our products and services you are interested in. Our company reserves the right to contact you with information on products and services, as well as special offers and promotions. In addition to that, we may enable third parties to contact you as well. We will use this information to improve our services and present our clients with better options.
Do we share the information?
Third parties that carry out a number of services on our behalf may use the collected information as well. In the case of allowing third parties to complete a given service for you, we reserve the right to share personal details and information relevant to the service with them. This is done to enable them to best fulfill your requirements and completing your order in the best possible manner. A few examples of such services include: delivery of packages, surveys, payment processing, marketing help, data analysis, customer service, fulfilling orders, mailing and emailing, detection of repetitive information, etc.
To prevent fraud with transactions, any information regarding that matter might be passed on to third party agencies to verify the information is real.
Apart from such special occasions, no information about our users is ever sold or shared without them explicitly agreeing on it.
Cookies represent data files saved on your hard drive upon visiting our website through your browser. This is done so that our system can identify the parts of the website that are of most interest to our visitors, which enables us to best serve them. In doing so, we ensure that you will be able to use the features you want faster upon your next visit and greatly improve your browsing experience.
Using and any services located there cannot be done without enabling cookies first. We advise leaving the feature on upon visiting our website.
It is possible to allow access to the website to other companies and third parties through a banner or widget on our website.
We only provide such options for websites of proven reputation and quality, in addition to being relevant to your interests. The content, regulations and privacy terms of such sites are specific to each site and outside of our control - we take no responsibility for their policy and user experience.
What methods does use to protect customer information?
A secure server is used for placing orders and accessing any account details. We utilise secure server software (SSL) for encryption of any information provided.
Your options
You have no obligation to share any details and information on, but you need to enable cookies to place orders and use the services located on our website.
Changing your preferences at any time is possible by contacting us.
What is the procedure for filing any complaints with Moving In?
Any complaints filed with us are handled in a competent and fair manner. We strive to resolve each case within 64 hours and we keep our clients informed on the progress of each case either through telephone or email. Should you feel that you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, feel free to contact us.
Changes of policy
Updates to this webpage will be made in order to notify of any changes to privacy policy.
Your opinion is important to us
We are interested to know what you think and welcome your opinion and thoughts on our privacy policy.
For questions of any kind, get in touch with us on 020 8746 4358 or via email.