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Terms and Conditions

Described below are the responsibilities and rights of parties involved in the Agreement. Customers are referred to with ‘your’ and ‘you’ and the removal company is referred to with ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’.

1. Quotation
1.1. Receiving a quote excludes any insurance cost that may be added later. Additional custom duties, inspection and other taxes are also excluded from the quote.
1.2. Circumstantial charges, which lead to a change in price, may be introduced, in the occurrence of special events. Such include:
1.2.1 Delayed delivery of service, failed service, additional number of services, delivery at an address not initially specified in the order, parking fee.
1.2.2 Failed or delayed delivery due to unforeseen contingencies (such as bad weather conditions).
1.2.3 An agreed upon change of our liability as described in Clause 8.1
1.3. 20% V.A.T. rate is added to the final billing at all times.
1.4. Calculation of costs is done on an hourly base, unless explicitly agreed in writing. Services come with a 2-hour charge minimum (1-hour packing). Should the time of service exceed this initial base, the cost is increased at the same hourly rate. In the case that the service takes less time, your bill will be subject to the minimum booking period.
1.4.1 All charges are applied from the moment of arrival at an address till unloading is finished at the end location.
1.4.2 Additional charges are issued in the case of travelling through a Congestion charge zone or outside of the M25. You will be notified if such is the case.
1.4.3 All services feature a booking period of 2 hours (3 hours for a service with 3 movers). Address information and debit/credit card details are needed for issuing a service. Payments of all kinds are processed upon completion of the service.

2. Tasks not included in the quote
2.1. We are not going to engage in the following:
2.1.1 Disassembly, dismantling and disconnection of furniture, assembly units, appliances, fitments and similar items.
2.1.2 Making any changes to flooring or moving items without safe access and proper lighting in the area they are located in.
2.1.3 Storage and moving of the items included in Clause 4.

3. Your responsibilities
3.1. Your responsibilities are:
3.1.1 To estimate and declare the value of the items your want to move with us in writing. This must be done in compliance with Clause 8.1 and 8.2 and liability on our side in case value mismatch is established.
3.1.2 To insure the items you give to us for storage and removal.
3.1.3 To obtain and keep permissions and other important documents related to the removal service prior to its completion.
3.1.4 Be present (or represented) on the day of delivery of service and ensure a confirmation in written form that the delivery of service has taken place.
3.1.5 Provide valid contact details and address at the time of delivery of service.
3.1.6 Provide a detailed disclosure upon requesting a quote - number and type of items to be moved, number and type of rooms, flat floor space, parking availability, storage space requested (if any), etc.
3.1.7 Provide parking space (even when you request packing service) at the delivery address or nearby; if parking space is not provided, accept extra costs or parking fines.
3.2. In the case of missing or damaged items, our company is responsible only when the cause is negligence on our part.

4. Goods that we will not move/store
4.1. We consider each of the following items health, safety or custom risk and will not move and store them on our vehicle:
4.1.1 Firearms, ammunition and explosive items, drugs, pornographic materials, prohibited and stolen items.
4.1.2 Jewellery including trinkets and valuable stones, money, documents, collections of various kinds and items that require further documentation.
4.1.3 Animals, plants and perishable items.
4.2. In the case such items are included in the removals process without notification, it is your responsibility to collect them within an acceptable time frame. Should this not happen in time, we will follow a procedure of applying for court order to dispose of them. Charges and fees issued in the process will be forwarded to you.

5. Ownership of goods
5.1. You agree in accordance to these terms and conditions that:
5.1.1 All items transported are your property or you are given the legal authority over them by the owner.
5.1.2 You cover all potential costs we face in the case that 5.1.1 is not true.

6. Charges for cancelling/postponing the job
6.1. Charges for cancellation/postponement of this Agreement are issued as it follows:
6.1.1 No charge for informing us more than 24 hours before the removal.
6.1.2 Up to 50% of the initially quoted charge for informing us less than 24 hours before the removal.

7. Payment
7.1. Payment using cleared funds is required in advance.
7.2. The full price (no withholding of any part) is required.
7.3. A daily interest of 4% is charged in the case of overdue sum.
7.4. The full sum of hourly rated moves is paid upon completion.
7.5. Moving In operates with payments in cash and cards only. All credit card payments are charged by 2% in addition to the asked price.
7.6. In the case that you are absent at the time of completion of the service, the payment will be processed by the provided debit/credit card details you have provided on the website of Moving In.
7.7. Revoked payments are forwarded for collection to a third-party agency associated with our company, with the addition of penalty fees.

8. Liability in case of damage/loss of items
8.1. Our liability in case of loss and damage is limited.
8.1.1 In the case of negligence on our side or breach of contract, we have no reliability for the first part of any claim amounting to £150. For claims that exceed the sum of £150, we will pay the minimum sum for repair or replacement of each item, amounting to a maximum of £40 per item.
8.1.2 Before the execution of the removal and upon receiving the value estimate of your items, we may agree to increased liability. That is no way a replacement for insurance and we strongly advise you to acquire actual insurance.
8.2. With regards to items outside of the UK
8.2.1 Cases in which we accept liability for damage/loss of items
(a) resulting from negligence on our side or breach of contract for the period all items were in our physical possession
(b) resulting from our failure to pack the items properly, at a time they weren’t in our physical possession
Both clauses 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 apply in each case.
8.2.2 Carrier terms and conditions apply in full when for international transportation.
8.2.3 In the case of failed delivery, you may take charges against the carrier. In addition to that, you are liable for any salvage charges and General Average contributions, among which cargo preservation for example. This is an insurance matter, which you may choose to include in the service.
8.2.4 Our company is not liable for damage/loss of items in the case Customs authorities or government agencies are concerned with it. This doesn’t apply in the case of negligence on our side and breach of contract.
8.3. For the sole purpose of this Agreement, an item is defined as:
8.3.1 Container contents, as provided by you and
8.3.2 Everything that we move, store or otherwise handle.

9. Damage done to the property/premises
9.1. Due to the frequent contracting of third parties, we cannot be held responsible for damage done to the property, different from items collected for removal, regardless if the occurrence is due to negligence or during following your requirements in spite of our advice.

10. Exclusive cases of liability
10.1. Our company is not liable in the case of failure to deliver and damage/loss of items in the following circumstances
10.1.1 Unforeseen contingencies that we cannot directly control, such as fires, wars, terrorism, hostilities, third-party actions, etc.
10.1.2 Natural causes of deterioration, such as cleaning, wear and tear, vermin infestation problems, etc.
10.1.3 Items located in containers that we haven’t packed/unpacked personally, such as drawers, cabinets and wardrobes.
10.1.4 Electrically/mechanically deranged items, except in the cases of established external damage caused during our service.
10.1.5 All of the items featured in Clause 4.
10.1.6 Damage and addition costs resulting indirectly from failed delivery or damage/loss of items.
10.2. Under this Agreement, none of our individual employees are liable for failed delivery, damage/loss of items.
10.3. Liability ceases to exist upon handing the items to you.

11. Claims and time limitation
11.1. You and the person representing you have an obligation to identify in writing items that are subject of failed delivery, damage and loss at the time of delivery.
11.2. Excluding cases described in clauses 8 through 10, we are not liable for damage/loss of items notified later than 7 days of the actual delivery of items.
11.3. The 7 days time limit is subject to extension, if there is a written request about it no later than 7 days of delivery.
12. Transit delays
12.1. Delivery time is estimated by us. However, we cannot be held responsible for loss and delay caused by any circumstance outside of our control.
12.2. In the case that we are not able to deliver your items due to circumstances outside of our control, said items will be put for storage with us. All additional charges resulting from this will be added to your bill, till the fulfillment of the Agreement.
12.3. We reserve the right to cancel/refuse any packing and moving process in the case that there is a threat or abuse of any kind for a staff member.

13. Our claim on your items (lien)
We maintain authority over all items you have handed to us, until the moment we receive final payment for the removal service. You will be held accountable for storage costs, while our claim over your items holds.

14. Arrangement of disputes
In the case an irresolvable dispute occurs, there will be an arbitrator of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The cost of arbitration is decided upon by the arbitrator.

15. Right of subcontracting the work
15.1. We may choose to subcontract part of the service or all of it.
15.2. The Terms and Conditions under this Agreement still apply in case of subcontracting.
15.3. Choosing the route and method to carry out the task is a right reserved to us at all times.

16. Applicable law
All country laws applicable in the country the contract is issued in apply to the contract.

17. Items/receipt of items
Upon creation of an inventory list of your items, it is automatically considered accurate unless you notify otherwise within a period of 10 days of sending.

18. Storage charge change
A 3 months notification will be issued in case of storage charge changes.

19. Rights of item disposal
In case of defaulting your payment and upon receiving a storage notice 3 months in advance, you are obliged to collect your items and resolve due payments. In the case of failure to resolve said payments, we reserve the right to dispose of your items through selling or other method. When items are sold to cover expenses and there is a surplus amount, it will be forwarded to your without any interest. If there is still an amount left uncovered, you will be held responsible for the remainder.

20. Termination  
Termination of contract doesn’t occur with the resolution of all payments. Termination takes place after giving us a 10 working days’ notice in advance.