How to Pack up your Balham Home

04 August 2016

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Whether you are moving to a different area of London or the UK, or staying within the Balham area, you will need to ensure that you correctly pack away your belongings to ensure that they are completely safe during the move. There’s nothing worse than turning up to your new property and finding your expensive crystal vase is in 4 pieces.

Here are some of the things that you may need in order to pack up your belongings in SW12 securely:

Cardboard Boxescardboard boxes

Plastic Boxes: offer more protection than cardboard boxes owing to the fact they are tougher. Some of these plastic boxes have lids and carrying handles making your things easier to move, however, they are also more expensive to buy.

Bubble wrap: to wrap your fragile belongings in, giving them extra protection before you place them into the boxes.

Packaging stretch wrap: is basically cling film for boxes, you can wrap it round and round something in order to give it more protection, or to bind more than one thing together.

Packaging paper: is a very soft paper that can be used to cover thing like mirrors and glassware from your home in Balham, SW11 to prevent them from being scratched. Alternatively it can be used at stuffing to fill up boxes and prevent the things inside moving around and knocking into one another.

Packaging tape: to seal the boxes so that you know nothing has been taken out of them and to help to keep the things inside in place.packing tape

Marker pens to label the boxes.

Stickers stating ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’.

Heavy duty scissors or a knife.

Covers for furniture such as sofas.removal boxes

When you have all the materials you need you can start packing. Here are some useful hints:

• Ensure the load is spread evenly between boxes to avoid overloading a box or two, put heavier items at the bottom of the box.

• When you are filling boxes make sure that you can close the box and seal it, if you can’t you will need to take something out. Equally, if there is a lot of room in the box and you are concerned about your items moving during transit in SW12, you can fill up the extra space with some scrunched up paper.

• Label all of your boxes so you know which room they belong in. Any boxes with fragile items inside should be labelled fragile and an indication should be given as to which way round to hold the by room packing

• Pack room by room so that when you arrive in your new house it is quicker for you to unpack each room.

• Pack a box of essentials, within this box there should be: Documents that are important such as passports, driving licences, birth and marriage certificates, insurance policies, wills, pension policies and anything else from your home in Balham you have that you consider important.essentials box

Pack some things that you may need on your first night such as:

  • Clean clothes, towels for the bathroom, toiletries such as toothbrushes and paste, shampoo and shower gel.
  • Some cutlery and a cup, plate and bowl for everyone.
  • A couple of easy to cook meals and some snacks and fruit, tea/coffee stuff and a bottle of squash.
  • A kettle
  • Cleaning products such as multipurpose wipes, dusters etc.
  • Toilet roll
  • Torch or some candles.
  • Some forms of entertainment.
  • Things for your pet, such as food, bowls, bedding etc.
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