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10 Secrets that Will Help You Sell Your House More Easily

Posted on 22/01/2016

Secrets For Selling Your Home Fast

selling your home

After a relocation it is only natural to look back at what you once had. At that old tall building, the peaceful house you left behind. At the cosy living room and the convenient kitchen, its familiar appliances, and the always handy tools you once had. At the old bedroom where you spent both quiet and eventful nights, some of which will be embedded in your memory for years to come.

And think about how you can sell it the easiest way possible.

When moving house, you will want to be expedient on finding a buyer for the last place. You don’t want it staying there and accumulating taxes, and you still have to maintain it so that it attracts potential buyers. You want that house sold as fast as possible and then to be able to concentrate on life after moving house. Here is some advice you can use for a fast sell.

1. Find a real estate agent.

Real estate agents can save you a lot of trouble when looking for buyers. They will go through the market and bring you the people most interested in buying houses. He or she will definitely get you more clientele than an ad in the papers.

real estate broker

2. Set the right price.

Of course, you need to set a good price. You can have your real estate agent offer you one, and then modify it so that you are not at a loss when all is said and done. But it also needs to be appealing, so don’t go too high.

moving house

3. De-clutter and depersonalise, but not too much.

Take out all the extra items and don’t leave rubbish behind. Load all the items of your home in the removal van and take them away from the house, because the new owner will not want any reminders that the house was once yours, but do leave enough items to show that families have lived, and can live here.


4. Work on the exterior as well as the interior.

You don’t just have to clean the inside. Paint the outside walls, and take care of the garden if it’s getting too lush as well. First impressions are important.

house exterior

5. Always be around to show it to potential buyers.

Don’t make a customer wait and always be available to show the potential buyers around the house.

home removals

6. Maintain the cleanliness.

After you clean the house, keep it clean. When potential buyers come to see it, you don’t want to think they see it as neglected.

house cleaners

7. Make sure everything works.

Check the plumbing and the electricity system. If you are leaving any appliances behind, make sure they work and fix them if they don’t.

house maintenance

8. Leave some incentives behind.

You can leave a big TV or a computer, or even an expensive couch behind as a gift to buyers. Just pick something from your things that you don’t necessarily need, or buy a brand new one.

house move

9. Don’t leave items to artificially inflate the price.

Decorations and extra additions to the house, like a backyard pool, or a lawn shed, will always be seen as transparent ways of inflating the sale price. Potential buyers will then be more willing to argue the price with you, and you will not like when they start offering small sums.

house prices

10. Offer to pay for a cleaning service before they move in.

You can promise a potential buyer that if you do strike a deal, you will be in charge of one last professional cleaning which will completely erase any trace of you from the house, and the new owners can settle in a brand new and clean place.


You can do so much to invite potential buyers for a relocation to your house. Follow these steps and see how easily you can sell your old house and make a profit from it. Very soon your own driveway will be full of the new owner’s moving vans, and you will be free from responsibilities concerning your old home. Time to think about the new one.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

With his experience in removals, Dan provides informative articles on packing, home removals, and man and van rentals. His contributions have supported hundreds of individuals in accessing convenient and environmentally conscious services.