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5 Reasons to Move to Kingston upon Thames

Posted on 23/03/2016

Why move to Kingston upon Thames

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When thinking about relocation to London, you will face a lot of options for your new home. One of those options is moving house to Kingston. But what will you find there? What does this part of the Royal Borough offer that you would find so appealing to direct your removal company there? Is there anything at all? Well, of course. There are so many things to see in Kingston upon Thames, and so many reasons to go. In a borough as rich as Kingston, you will actually find it hard to detect a reason not to. Here are the 5 reasons why you definitely should.

The Economy

Kingston upon Thames is a rich place. In terms of retail expenditure, it is 25th in London and all the cashflow goes into the incorporation of many companies, stores, pubs, and restaurants. There is always something to be done there and you will always be able to find a way to enjoy your time. You will have your fair share of locales for that, you can be sure of that.

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The Culture

Kingston is rich in terms of literary mentions, being the setting of many novels and a place of interest on others. Jane Austen and HG Wells write of it in their novels Emma and War of the Worlds, respectively. There are quite a few cultural venues to get your entertainment from, such as the Rose Theatre with its 900-seat building where you can enjoy displays of the dramatic arts. There also many occasions and venues where you can see the local symphony orchestras and choirs. And if you are seeking galleries, then you can always visit the Kingston Museum and the Stanley Picker Gallery.

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The Sports

Kingston upon Thames is the home of many football clubs along with their stadiums. Also from Kingston comes the Kingston Athletic Club and Polytechnic Harriers, one of the most celebrated sports clubs in the United Kingdom. Rugby and rowing competitions also play a part in the area’s sports features. And if you seek leisure, then you can visit the Kingfisher Centre, a wonderful large leisure centre for you to enjoy.

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The Education

Kingston can easily present itself in the educational field as well. If you want to relocate to a place where your kids will have a good education, or even if you yourself seek a good university or college to further your education, then you will be happy to go here. At the very least it has Kingston University and Kingston College – great examples of admirable places for education in London and England as a whole. And apart from those two, the area also has quite a lot of other primary and secondary schools, as well as separate private schools if you can afford them.

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The Transport

Moving about in Kingston is easy with its comprehensive transportation network. It is served by two train routes, three railway stations, and has plenty of bus lines. Kingston bypass road is one of the ‘arterial roads’ in Britain and therefore is a link to many other towns and cities. And if you don’t like public transport or driving, you will be happy to know that Kingston is among those places in London where you can enjoy the freedom of cycling. About 3% of the population there uses bicycles as a means of transport to work.

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With all these amenities, to pass a relocation to Kingston upon Thames would be a loss. There is always something on offer, and the life there is relatively simple and enjoyable. It is the life of the working person who has enough options to enjoy their free time. Start making your moving checklist now and get ready to direct the moving van to Kingston.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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