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Five Tips For A Hassle Free House Removal In Islington

Posted on 16/04/2015

Moving Tips That Will Keep Your Move Hassle Free In Islington

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Whatever the reason might be, house removals in Islington can be a person's worst nightmare. It can be a strenuous and a frustrating experience. More often than not, people find themselves in a total chaos during the removal process. Lack of a proper planning can lead to damage to property, waste of time and money. However, the good news is that following few basic tips can go a long way in eliminating all the potential blunders. Here are five essential things to keep in mind during house removals:

inform of house removals


This is one of the most undervalued yet a significant part of moving house in the N1 region. It can be tedious and time consuming but timely action can reduce the chances of near future issues. While people concentrate all their energy on packing and unpacking, they often forget to inform people and that can lead to unexpected consequences. Make a list of people and places that need an update of your new location, for example, banks, telephone and internet companies, your insurance provider, etc. If you are renting a house, make sure you let your landlord know about your plans so as to not lose your security deposits. Make sure to give notice periods if you need to, and get all your utilities cancelled in time to avoid paying fat checks for things and services that you didn't use.

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Act Early

Some people fret moving houses so much that they procrastinate and keep the important things for later without realizing that by doing so, they are only adding and piling on extra baggage and stress. While no one wants to deal with horrors of moving houses and often end up dreaming about people doing their work for them, wishful thinking and procrastination can have unwanted results and aftermath. Start and prepare yourself well in advance, ideally giving yourself 20-30 days before the big day and get moving.

make a list

Jot Down

We all have had moments in life where we gave our memories that extra credibility only to regret later. No matter how good your memory is, house removal is a very tedious process and because of the work and strain it is very easy and common to forget things.  Play some nice music, walk around your house in Islington, keeping a pen and paper handy and take a note of things you find important. These things may include a list of things you may want to give away, list of the items that are fragile and need careful packing. We often end up buying new furniture especially a sofa set after moving to new places and so you don’t want to waste your time and money in moving things to the new location that you don’t want anymore. Scan carefully and make wise decisions.

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Get Smart Help

With so many removal companies around in the NW1 district, you can easily fall prey to misinformation and invite more trouble for yourself. One basic thing to be mindful about is that don't settle on a removal firm without doing your homework. Try to get at least 5 quotes, considering the personal recommendations from friends and family before you pick one. While the idea is to get more work done in less, don't always assume that cheapest is the worst and the expensive ones are the best. Keep an eye on the tricks of the trade- e.g. if the home movers cost includes the taxes etc. Find out everything about them, compare their home movers cost with the other shortlisted ones, read the testimonials etc from other people on their company websites and then sign up for the best option.

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The Big Day

Have someone look after your pets and children on the day of moving. You don't want kids and pets to wander about aimlessly and clueless in the midst of the entire process. If you had given out spare keys to your friends or neighbours in Islington, make sure you take them back. Similarly, you never know who all have the keys to your new house, so get all the locks changed. Before you lock your old house, without fail, turn off all the electrical appliances and switch of the gas supplies, water supplies, etc. If need be, get parking permission for your packers and movers in the new locality to ensure no voices are raised and the whole process runs smoothly.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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