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Posted on 30/04/2015

Tips to Save Money When You Hire a Man and Van in Shoreditch

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Having to go through a move is real ordeal, and pretty stressful. Ask anyone in Shoreditch about their removal experiences, and they'll tell you pretty much the same thing. It's a lot of hard work and emotional stresses involved, mostly because you're leaving behind a life you knew quite well, and venturing off into the unknown. This mixture of the unfamiliar and hard work often presents stresses that are hard to ignore. But, you can mitigate a lot of these stresses in a very simple way. There are plenty of removal services that are based in the E1 region, and any one of them can take care of your move in a heartbeat.

But hang on a second – what if you can't afford one of these removal services? You don't want to have to rent a van yourself, and that's not for everyone. It might save you some money, but it's often not worth the trouble. Don't fret though, because there is a way to reap all of the benefits that a moving company will offer you, but without the premium price tag.

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A man and van service is just like any other home moving company, except it comes with a low price tag as standard. If you want to make your move easier but can't stretch your budget to a full 'professional' mover, then a good old fashioned E1 based man with van service is what you want. They'll take care of any removal, big or small, long or short distance without harming your wallet.

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If you're wondering how these man with van movers can provide a near identical service to the professional movers but at a large discount, the answer is simple. That answer is man power. These budget removal services usually comprise of one, maybe two man running a personal business on a self employed basis. So basically, if you've only got a small amount of furniture and other stuff to move, or if you don't mind your larger move taking a little longer, then these man with a van style services are just what you want.

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So it's obvious that these single man with a van services present an easy way to save money, but how can you be sure that you're getting a good quality service? Thanks to the ease of start up, there are plenty of these services available to hire all around Shoreditch and London in general. Once again, the key to saving money is through research. Ask around. Search the web. Do everything you can to find information on the finest man and van moving services in the N1. You'll be surprised about how much money you can save by doing this.

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The best asset to any sort of moving assistance is the extra free time and money it grants you. You could spend this time wisely, tying up loose ends or having one final day out in your neighbourhood in Shoreditch. Or on the other hand you can spend it relaxing, preparing yourself mentally for the move ahead. Moving home may be a stressful experience in theory, but that doesn't mean it has to be in practice. Make the most of the time and money that you have, and look forward to the move rather than spending time worrying about it, and you'll be right as rain!

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

With his experience in removals, Dan provides informative articles on packing, home removals, and man and van rentals. His contributions have supported hundreds of individuals in accessing convenient and environmentally conscious services.