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How to Store a Washing Machine Correctly: Important Guidelines

Posted on 02/06/2024

A washing machine is a household appliance that helps us keep our clothes clean and fresh. It is an essential everyday use item that requires proper maintenance to ensure its longevity and efficiency. However, there may come a time when you need to store your washing machine, either due to relocation, renovation or any other reason. In such cases, it is crucial to follow certain guidelines to ensure that the machine remains in good condition. In this article, we will discuss the important guidelines on how to store a washing machine correctly.

Tip 1: Thoroughly Clean the Washing Machine

Before storing your washing machine, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. This includes emptying the drum of any remaining water and wiping down all surfaces with a mild detergent. Additionally, check for any clogs in the drain hose and remove them before storage. This step will prevent any unpleasant odors or mold growth during storage.

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Tip 2: Disconnect and Drain All Water Lines

Make sure to disconnect all water supply lines from the washing machine and drain out any remaining water from the hoses. This step is crucial as any remaining water can cause damage to the internal parts of the machine during storage. You can do this by running a final cycle without adding any laundry.

Tip 3: Secure All Loose Parts

Most modern washing machines come with different attachments such as lint filters, detergent trays, and detachable knobs. Make sure to secure all these loose parts properly before storing the machine. This will not only prevent them from getting lost but also protect them from damage during transportation or storage.

Tip 4: Properly Pack and Cover the Machine

When it comes to storing a washing machine, proper packing is essential. Use original packaging materials if you still have them, or else you can use heavy-duty plastic sheets or tarps to cover the machine. This will protect it from dust, moisture, and any potential scratches during storage.

Tip 5: Choose a Suitable Storage Space

Selecting an appropriate storage space is crucial for the well-being of your washing machine. It is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place with consistent temperature and minimal humidity. Avoid storing it in areas prone to extreme temperatures, such as garages or outdoor sheds, as this may damage the electrical components of the machine.

Tip 6: Store the Washing Machine Upright

It is essential to store your washing machine in an upright position. Laying it on its side or back can cause damage to the inner workings of the machine, especially the motor. If you do not have enough space to keep it standing, ensure that it is supported by wood blocks on all sides.

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Pros and Cons of Storing a Washing Machine

Like everything else, there are some pros and cons of storing a washing machine. Some advantages include protecting the machine from damage during relocation or renovation and saving space in your home. However, if stored incorrectly, there is a risk of damage to the internal parts due to dust, moisture or extreme temperatures.

Tips and Takeaways

- Clean and drain the washing machine before storage
- Disconnect and secure all water supply lines
- Pack and cover the machine properly
- Choose a suitable storage space with consistent temperature and low humidity
- Store the washing machine upright
- Check on the machine periodically during storage

In conclusion, following these guidelines will help you store your washing machine correctly and ensure that it remains in good condition until its next use. Taking proper care during storage will also extend its lifespan and save you from costly repairs or replacements. Remember to clean and drain the machine, pack it securely, choose a suitable storage space, and store it upright for the best results. With these tips in mind, you can safely store your washing machine without any worries.
Curtis Ray
Curtis Ray

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