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How to Unpack After House Relocation to Docklands

Posted on 12/05/2015

Ways to Unpack After a Move House in Docklands

unpacking after removals

House removals to Docklands can be tiring. Even if you hired a removal company to manage your packing and moving, you still need to unpack and redecorate your new home on your own. Check out this quick list which will help you out in unpacking after house relocation.

house cleaning

1. Cleanliness first

While your new home in the E14 region is still unassembled, you have the liberty to clean out each nook and corner of your home without having to bother moving a particularly heavy sofa or table. Begin with vacuuming, mopping and dusting any untidy area of your new house. Once everything is spick and span, you are ready to get onto the next step i.e. unpacking.

unpack moving boxes
2. How to unpack?

First things first, always place the “fragile items” boxes separately. You could unpack them later on. While opening boxes, you can take the help of a pocket knife/scissors/blade. Just slit right into the middle of the box with its pointed edge. Opening all the boxes at the same time would actually create a chaos. So, it is always better to move one by one. Decide which room you want to furnish first and open the boxes accordingly.

kitchen items
3. Install your kitchen

If you are relying on pizza home deliveries or take away orders, it might be fine. But, if you are not a fan of either of the two, you might plan in advance to satiate your food craving after moving house to the SE16 district. The fatigue of moving house will render you very hungry. If you have a ready-to-eat-in kitchen, it would actually be a bliss. In this case, it would be the best option to arrange your kitchen as the first step. Fill in your pantry. Install your refrigerator, microwave, cooking range etc.

moving furniture
4. Arrange your furniture

Now that you’re done with the kitchen, it would be wise to arrange all your furniture pieces one by one. Placing your beds first can be a nice idea. Even if you are unable to complete the unpacking and redecorating of your home in Docklands in one day, you will not have to worry about a good night’s sleep. You can install the least used furniture last.

unpack electronics
5. Electronics

Next on the list should be electronic items. It is better to call upon a specialist while installing electronic items or lights. Working with live wires can be hazardous. So, it is best performed by an expert.

arrange your closet
6. Arrange your closet and vanity

You can now arrange your closet and vanity. These areas can be done on the next day of the move to E14 too. All you need to do is hang your clothes into your closet and stack up your personal essentials into your bathroom vanity.

unpacking fragile items
7. Last but not least

At last, when you are done with your kitchen, bathrooms, living room, it is time to place all your fragile stuff. Open all the “fragile items” boxes with extra care. It is better to sit on the floor and place those items on a soft base like a carpet.

With almost your entire house done, you can easily decorate your wooden show case along the dining area with your china and place that tiny bonsai along your kitchen’s window sill. You can place your aroma candles in your bathroom, spread out that warm rug along the fireplace and hang that cute family picture on the wall. End it all with installing curtains or blinds.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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