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Items Your Movers Won't Transport

Posted on 19/11/2020

Things Professional Movers Will Not Move

movers do not take these items

If you are planning a move, you are probably stocked with dozens of boxes and tape and you are ready to pack for the big trip. In the frenzy of this hectic process many people forget to take care of one important aspect – the stuff that the moving company won’t take. In most cases you will be provided in advance with a list of items that the movers will not collect due to safety or liability reasons. It goes without saying that chemicals and hazardous elements are out of the question. But what are the other items that may not get into the moving van? To spare you the troubles of repacking or getting your belongings damaged, we’ve listed down all the goods you may need to handle separately.

moving perishable items


It doesn’t make sense to move anything that will spoil during the transportation. Plus, the last thing you want is the smell of rotting eggs or fruits to pass through your furnishings and belongings. Consume all perishable foods, open containers, packages or frozen goods before relocating.

relocating pets


No matter how well-behaved your pet is animals are not allowed to ride with the movers. The moving vehicle can get very hot or cold depending on the weather and is not a suitable place for living creatures. Since there are too many things that can go wrong, it’s better to take your pet with you. If you can’t move your pet with you in the car or plane, you can consider hiring a company that specializes in moving pets.

plants removals


The same rule described in the previous section applies to plants. Furthermore, there are laws against moving plants to a specific destination, especially to different countries. Because of the legislation issues, most companies won’t transport your plants. Even if you can legally move your greenery, it could die in transit or damage the other goods in the vehicle.

move valuables yourself


There are some irreplaceable items that you simply don’t want to entrust to anyone else like jewellery, cash, credit cards, important documents, family photos, antiques etc. Even if the man and van company doesn’t have a specific policy for these goods, it’s better to keep them with you.

cleaning supplies

Cleaning Products

You may want to bring your cleaning supplies to tidy up your new place, but you will need to take these with you or buy new products when you arrive. Most man with a van companies won’t take hazardous or toxic materials like bleach or drain cleaner that can spill and damage your belongings.

relocate paint

Oil Paints and Latex

Just like cleaning solutions, leftover paint can ruin your belongings during the delivery. It’s better to leave it behind or find a safe way to dispose it.

lawn mower relocation

Power Equipment with Fuel

Power equipment with fuel like lawn mowers is another thing on the list of stuff that movers won’t take. Before the vehicle comes to collect your goods, be sure to drain the fuel until the reservoir is completely empty.

relocating hazardous substances

Potentially Dangerous Goods

There are some items that impose safety risks and the company will refuse to collect them. Some are pretty obvious like gasoline, oxygen bottles and propane cylinders. But what are other items you need to keep away from the moving van?  Matches, lighter fluid and nail polish remover should also be left aside. Luckily, most of these can be replaced or repurchased when you get to your new home.

special item removals

Special Items

Not all companies specialize in moving large or odd items. Check with your removal company, whether they can manage these type of goods.

If you are not sure what goods can be moved, contact your moving company. Get all the needed information, instead of regretting later.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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