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Packing your Bathroom for Moving House

Posted on 19/11/2020

How to Pack the Bathroom When Moving House

packing bathroom items

Packing for moving house can get complicated and this can result in the unpacking process taking longer upon arrival. Different items, which belong in different areas of the home, being packed into the wrong box can be a nuisance. Therefore, it stands to reason that careful planning when it comes to packing can save you a lot time. Not only does it help you as the person moving house, it also helps the removal company when it comes to unloading and arranging the removal van at your new home. An effective way of preventing any confusion is to pack each room separately, while only keeping a few items to one side to pack into an essentials box, and labelling the room’s boxes clearly. One room to keep separate from the rest is the bathroom, as although some of these items may not be considered essential enough to go in a separate box, it’s still likely you’ll need to get to most of the these items relatively soon.pack toiletries

Firstly, go through your bathroom cupboards and draws and remove all items. This will allow you to see which items can go where properly, without having to retrace your steps or unpack items you’ve already packed. Toiletries should go in one clearly labelled box. If you’re concerned about spillages while moving house, put each individual item in a clear sandwich bag. Throw away any almost empty bottles or pots (unless you’re really desperate to use the last bit); also check expiry dates on the products containing natural ingredients and throw away anything that’s out of date. Pack into a small box so the items don’t rattle around in the removal van and protect any glass bottles, jars or pots by wrapping in bubbles wrap and cushioning in the box with newspaper.

Emergency medication, for example, an Epi Pen for allergies, will need to be packed into your essentials bag/box so you know where it is at all times. This box/bag should be carried with you while you move house or you should notify the removal company so that they can load it last onto the van; this will ensure you can get to it easily. However, other medication should be packed in its own small box separately from other bathroom items. If you’re particularly organised, you may want to put each different type or brand of medication in separate, labelled sandwich bags. Make sure any empty or expired medication is thrown away.
removal boxes
Electronic Items

Any electronic items, like hair dryers or electric razors, should be packed in a larger, separate box. If you have the original packaging for your items, use this to pack them away into a larger box. However, if not, tie any cords in a knot to avoid tangling and wrap the item itself in bubble wrap. Pack this away with other electrical items, stuffing newspaper between to prevent rubbing and bumping. Keep smaller parts in clear, labelled bags in the same box as the item they belong to.
packing towels

Towels can be neatly folded in their own box or can be rolled to be used as stuffing for other boxes. This can be a real space-saver and can help protect your other more delicate items. If your towels are particularly expensive, you may want to cover them in plastic before packing into a cupboard box to avoid snagging, dust or any other damage.
shower curtain

The shower curtain should be washed and thoroughly dried before packing to avoid an unpleasant, damp smell from occurring. Fold, wrap in plastic and pack away with other soft bathroom furnishings, like the bath mat, which should be treated the same way.
pack fragile items
Delicate items

Any other items in the bathroom, which are quite delicate, like ornaments or soap dishes, should be wrapped in bubble wrap before packing in their own small box. Pack either towels or newspaper between the items to avoid them from clinking against each other and potentially chipping.

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