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Pros and Cons of Mobile Self Storage Units

Posted on 19/11/2020

Self Storage Mobile Containers Units

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If you’ve never used a mobile self storage unit before then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Mobile storage has a great deal of benefits for both households and businesses; however, it is not the right storage option for everyone. To help you work out whether it is right for you the main pros and cons are outlined below.


•    Convenience – Mobile self storage units are delivered to your home or business ready for you to fill at your leisure. Once full, the units can then be collected by the company and delivered to the secure storage site. This process eliminates the need for you to load and then unload a moving van in order to get your things into self storage. As a result, the whole process becomes much more convenient and far less of a hassle. The mobile storage option also removes the need to carry out the return trip with a removal van, as the company will redeliver your unit to you when you’re ready to have your things back. This is particularly beneficial if you are moving a lot of heavy or bulky items.
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•    No Transport Costs – By removing the need for transport you are also removing some of the costs associated with the storage process. So if you have a lot of business or household items to move then a mobile storage unit can really help you to keep your costs down. If you’re only moving a few small things then this is likely to be of less benefit to you.
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•    Speed – If you’re having work done on your house and you need to get your things out as soon as possible then a good mobile storage service can help. Not only does the mobile unit help you to move your things more efficiently, some firms can also deliver it as quickly as the next day. So why waste time shopping around for van hire quotes when you can get a self storage unit delivered directly to your door? 
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•    Higher Cost – Unfortunately, greater convenience also comes with a higher price in most circumstances, making mobile storage more expensive than traditional self storage methods. So if you’ve only got a few small things to move this option may not be cost-effective for you. In contrast, if you’re moving larger items and would need to spend a lot of money on van hire or man and van help then a mobile package may be more suited for you.
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•    Storage Size – Mobile units don’t tend to come in as many sizes as other self storage units. So if you only want a small space for a few pieces of furniture or files then this option could leave you paying over the odds for additional storage space that you don’t need. So unless you’re looking to store a lot of large items this sort of package may not be ideal for you.
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As you can see, mobile storage options tend to be best suited for those people who are looking to store a large amount of items in one go. If you want to store only a few small items, or you want to add to your storage space bit by bit, then sometimes the cost and size of the units may play against you. If you’re not sure about the financial side of things  it can be useful to check the cost of both a mobile and standard self storage package up first so that you can see the difference for yourself; just remember to add in any additional transport costs you may have when you’re working out your final calculations.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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