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The 5 Packing Supplies You Can't Do Without

Posted on 19/11/2020

Packing Materials for Moving You Can't Do Without

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Moving house can be rather stressful experience because it involves a lot of planning that should be made. You have to think about packing, loading, transporting and unpacking all of your items. You need to be well prepared so that everything is perfectly organised. In order to organise your belongings for packing, you need to choose the materials that you are going to use. The following information will show you the 5 packing supplies that you simply can’t do without when moving.

removal boxes

1) Boxes

You definitely need a lot of boxes where to put in your belongings. If you hire a professional removal company to help you, you can ask to purchase packing materials from them. You can also save money by getting some old boxes from the local store.

You can use small cardboard boxes for fragile items that should be packed separately. Medium-sized boxes are great for toys, clothes and small appliances. Use big boxes for your bedding and curtains. You need to make sure that your items are perfectly packed so that there are no damages.

If you decide to hire a man and van, you can ask for renting sturdier moving crates. They are perfect for protecting your stuff better. You can put all your valuable belongings in crates so that you won’t risk damaging them. Also, consider taking some of your most valuable items with you in the car, instead of placing them in the moving van.

bubble wrap

2) Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is also an essential packing supply that you will most probably have to use. It will help you protect your most fragile items better such as mirrors, dishware and glasses. Bubble wrap will prevent them from scratching and breaking. It will absorb any potential vibrations that may occur during transportation.

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3) Packing paper

It can resist dirt and oil and that’s why it is perfect for protecting any glass surfaces. Packing paper can also be used for creating cushioning layers between different items. This way you will make sure that your delicate items are better protected and won’t be damaged by the man with a van. You also don’t want to risk using newspapers as they can leave ink stains on your delicate items.

packing peanuts

4) Packing peanuts

House relocation requires the use of packing peanuts. You can cover the bottom of the box with them, then place your fragile item in and add another layer of packing peanuts over it. These little helpers will fill any gap in the box so that you are sure your items are packed very well and won’t break during transportation. You can use them for the boxes with artwork and sensitive electronics too.

use moving blankets

5) Moving blankets

Moving blankets are great for your furniture items as you can wrap them around and make sure that the furniture is protected from denting or scratching.  They are large and thick. You can use moving blankets for providing additional protection to all of your items in the moving van.

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As you can see, when moving home you need to make sure that you have prepared your packing supplies in advance. Cardboard boxes or moving crates, bubble wrap, packing paper and peanuts as well as moving blankets offer you great ways to secure your items and have peace of mind that they will be safely transported to your new address. If you don’t think you will be able to handle the move by yourself, you can always rely on a professional man with van service that can help you very efficiently. You just need to make sure that you find a reputable company which you could really trust. When packing, you can also ask your friends to help you. It can be a great way to turn packing into a social event. Make sure that you pack only the things you will actually need in your house. Get rid of the ones you don’t want any more so that you make sure no clutter will enter your new home.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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