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The Checklist for Office Moving in Kingston upon Thames

Posted on 26/06/2015

Ultimate Office Moving Checklist in Kingston upon Thames

office moving checklist

Moving office in Kingston upon Thames involves active and thorough participation and cooperation of everyone affected by the move. Planning is the key to a successful office removal. This reduces stress and panic at the last minute. Creating a checklist is quintessential before relocation. Here is our checklist that enlists all the important points to be kept in mind while conducting an office move.

appoint a team

Appointing a Team: If you think you are going to handle it by yourself, well, think again! We suggest that you appoint a team to help you with the entire move in Kingston upon Thames, KT1. This team will be responsible for planning the early stages of the move, including designing of a floor plan, coordinating with office consultancy companies regarding the space that would be needed for setting up of the offices along with the interior designing, etc. Encourage the team to function efficiently by nominating a leader to oversee the process.

set a budget

Budget: Planning a budget to fit all the requirements is a must. It will help maintain a financial record of all the costs and accordingly plan the move. Once the budget has been planned, you can decide if there is any room left for additional costs.

office removals

Site Visit: Pay a visit to the new office site in the KT2 area. This will not only give you an idea of the space available in the new office but also help you decide which furnishings to keep and which to discard. Calculation of space and matching it with the floor plans will save you from last minute snags. Once this step is crossed off of your checklist, you can breathe a sigh of relief and go ahead with the packing up.

removal company

Moving Companies: Contracting a relocation company to help in the process of moving is equally important. There are many relocation companies in the UK that organize end-to-end office removals in KT1. These companies would require a copy of your floor plans and layout so that they can arrange all your goods in the right place during the move to the new office. You can always ask the removal company to handle the packing and unpacking of goods.

packing supplies

Packaging Materials: In case you are on a tight budget and have made the decision to organize the move in Kingston upon Thames on your own, you will need to get hold of the packaging materials like tapes, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foams and other such materials for cushioning the fragile items. Your team can assist you by packing things on their desks and around them. You can consider hiring a man and van service to move the goods to the new office.

office relocation

Electronics and IT Requirements: Before loading the goods into the moving van, you will have to make sure that all the printers, monitors and other electronics are functioning properly. This is the best time to declutter your office space by disposing of the damaged equipment. The IT specialists in your company can help in disassembling the various parts for easy removals and their presence is a must at the new office site for the installation of the equipment. Also, it will be beneficial to label all the boxes according to the departments/areas of the new office where they would be installed.

business removals

Miscellaneous: Don’t forget to check the health and safety measures at the new workplaces and also update all your clients about the impending move. Contacting the insurance companies and other government officials for parking permits in the new area and other such permissions is also important.

Don’t forget to celebrate after the move!

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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