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What to Do With Food When Relocating

Posted on 19/11/2020

What Should I Do With My Food Before Moving?

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You want to move to a new home. You are looking around, and everything seems in order. However, there is something about your kitchen. You realize the cupboards are still full and you are wondering what to do with all of that food in your fridge and pantry. You do not want to throw away the food because it would feel wasteful. You realize it is impossible to pack it up and to give it to the neighbours would be a tad desperate. Relax because there is a solution. By analysing what you have, you will establish where the stuff should all fit. Here is what to do with food before moving home:
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1. Figure out what out

Take a notebook and a pen and put to paper your inventory. Categorise your food items into various groups. For instance, you can have groups like canned goods. Here you can place foods like fruits, soups, veggies, and etcetera. Under perishables, you can put anything found in the refrigerator. Another category can be nonperishables. Here you can put things like bottled water, chips, snacks and boxes of cereal. You can have a category for the cooking and baking supplies. Here you include things like dry pasta, sugar, flour and salt. Finally, you can have a category for items in glass bottles where you place items like alcohol, oils, and dressing. Note, next to each item, their date of expiry and time left before they expire.
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2. Come up with a plan

Once you analyse what is available in your kitchen and the time left before your food expire, you need to choose what you are going to do with them. Go through your list and single out the items of high priority which are the perishables and those items of low priority which are the nonperishables. From the list decide on the items that you are going to move and the ones you will need to donate. It might not be a very good idea to relocate with perishable goods when your house removal is a long distance one.
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3. Eat the perishable food

Come up with creative recipes for the perishable foods. This will save you money you might use eating somewhere else and the trouble of throwing away food.
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4. Pack the items that you are going to move with

You will, of course, want to carry some food with you, especially the non-perishable ones. Pack these items neatly and ensure that each one of them is well labelled. Make sure that the removal company would agree to move your food as some movers refuse to do it. Some removal companies would agree to move only canned goods and tinned food. So discuss the issue with your moving company before taking steps to relocating.
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5. Take the nonperishables to a nearby food bank

It is meaningless to throw away food that can still be used. So call the local food bank or deliver the foods there yourself.
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6. Share some food with friends and neighbours, especially the perishables.

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7. Recycle or throw away any food that you don’t want to donate or give out to friends. This may include foods that have already expired.

Finally, you need to prepare some food for the day you will be moving house. You will get hungry along the way, and you need some food like snacks and bottled water. Good luck with your house removal!

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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