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Why Are People Leaving London?

Posted on 09/02/2016

Why Are People Moving Out Of London?

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London, as a cosmopolitan city, blending together amazing architecture, both new and old, and a centre of business, fashion, and culture, is one of the top desired destinations for people from all over the world.

But surprisingly for many, one interesting trend, which cannot stay unnoticed and not discussed, has been slowly emerging, The fact that more and more London residents decide to leave the city and to settle in another place has been a much discussed topic in the past years. What are the reasons for these people, many of them London born and raised, who have lived in the city for most of their lives, to take this important step and to part their lives with the breathtaking city of London?

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It is important to note the fact that relocating has never been easier. Nowadays, it is very simple not only to relocate to a new place, but to bring all of your belongings with you. Even moving furniture is not a problem. There are many professional moving companies, which offer top notch services for international or domestic moves, to everyone, who wants to move house.

High Cost of Living

The life in big cities has never been more dynamic and complex as nowadays. One of the main reasons why many Londoners decide to leave the city and move to another area is the constant rise of the prices. As a result of the recession, it has become just a matter of time for many people to decide to make a new beginning, to pack their belongings, to hire a moving van an and to make the next step in their relocation journey.

high living costs

Not only the rent prices in London have been increasing through the years, the whole living cost in the city has become unbearable for many of the residents. This is why more and more people choose to move to other areas, where with the same income they can afford to live in a beautiful house in a calm neighbourhood.

Expensive Transportation and Busy Traffic

The transportation problems in all big cities, such as endless traffic jams and high transportation costs, are important reasons why many people leave. It is understandable, because the time is the most valuable asset we all have and people prefer not to waste it in traffic jams.

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More Opportunities

Many people come to London to achieve their dreams, but many of them leave for the same reason. For small business owners it is very challenging to start and grow profitable businesses in London, where the cost of living and establishing a business is so high and insupportable.

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Cultural Diversity

The diversity of the city is probably one of the most important reasons why many people prefer to leave the capital. The newcomers and the native-born often have different lifestyles, changing tremendously the energy of the living areas in the city.

The Pollution

The pollution of the city is becoming one of the most challenging problems for London residents. It has become important for many of the residents to seek the comfort of being surrounded by nature. Living close to the nature has become the luxury of our times. Understandably, the fresh air and the calmness of the nature are more desirable than the stress of the big cities.

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Whatever the reasons are, the facts are facts: many people leave London, but many others continue to move there. This is the fascination of the city that makes it so diverse, rich and powerful. Whatever the future brings, there is only one thing that we have to be certain of – there always will be people moving in and moving out from this cosmopolitan city.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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