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Why It Always Pays to Tip Your Movers

Posted on 19/11/2020

Should You Tip Movers?

tipping movers

If you are planning a move soon and you are hiring a professional company to help you out with the tough work, you are probably facing the inevitable dilemma of whether you should tip the movers. After all, these people are taking care of the actual moving and are there to ensure that your goods will arrive at your new place in one piece. While good work should be rewarded, tipping your movers can be tricky. How should you deliver the thank you reward? How much should your tip be? What if the workers did a marvellous job, but the moving company was not responsive or reliable? You can find all the answers below.
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Why is it good to tip your movers?

While tipping is not mandatory, it shows your satisfaction with the movers’ work. As in many service industries, the funds workers receive as gratitude constitute a big part of their compensation. Of course, the amount of the tip will not affect the level of service. However, it is always nice to see that committed and professional attitude pays off.
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When should you tip?

The most obvious and simple answer to this question is when you are happy with their service. If the team delivered amazing results and went beyond your expectations, then they deserve some reward. However, they need to be really good, helpful and ready to go out of their way to assist you. Doing something outside of their regular duties, such as providing last minute man with a van service or packing the fragile items diligently, is definitely a sign of a dedicated and experienced mover.
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What should be the amount of the tip?

The amount of the tips is determined by several aspects such as how difficult the project was and how long the process took. A good rule of thumb is tipping between 5% and 15% of the total cost. You can also check the tipping policy of the house removals company. Don’t forget to divide the tip equally among the man and van team. If the movers did great work with your awkwardly shaped or heavy items, you can also consider tipping them a little extra.
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Who should you tip?

If you are hiring more than one mover, then you should give the total tip in cash to the head mover. They will split funds among the other team members. This way you won’t worry about how much you’ll tip each worker. Plan ahead and be sure you have enough cash for tipping before the moving day.
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Should you offer refreshments and beverages?

Again it depends on your personal opinion. If you decide to provide refreshments, you can offer snacks, soda or bottled water. Avoid beer and any other type of alcoholic beverage, because it is forbidden by most moving companies.
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When should you not tip?

If you are not satisfied with the services they have provided, then you may prefer to not tip them. Some instances in which you may restrain from rewarding the house moving crew are damage or loss of goods, late arrival and impolite attitude.

Keep in mind that a man and van team that follows your requests and treats your belongings with respect deserves to be encouraged!

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

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