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Hanwell packing servicesThe problem with house removals is that there are some many practical issues that slow the process of moving house down.

Relocation can be difficult at the best of times no matter what type of removal it is.

With that in mind, Moving In is the removal company you need when it comes to dealing with the practicalities of furniture removals. We operate throughout Hanwell and take pride in our efficient and cost effective service to the people of W7. So don’t wait around twiddling your thumbs, check our removal quotes and call us on 020 8746 4358 for a company of handy movers that won’t let you down.

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There are any number of reasons you could need storage following moving house: maybe you are going on vacation; maybe your relocation date has not been set definitively yet.

Whatever the reason, we are a removal company that offers cheap moving and storage as part of our service for movers.

If you live, or are moving to, Paddington, Kensington Olympia, or Watford then removals just became a great deal easier because of our extensive removals package. It can be tricky knowing what to do with your furniture, if you are not moving into your new house in W4, W14 or W13, so why not use our moving and storage service to help you out?

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What happens if you have nowhere to put your furniture after you’ve removed it from one house but can’t place it in your new home? Well, for Oxford Street, Bond Street and Hammersmith we offer cheap furniture removals as part of a moving and storage service enabling you to relax when others would be panicking.

We realise that in W2, W11 and W5 moving is not always straightforward which is why we have tried to make life easier for you by offering temporary storage for all movers who want it.

Not many removal companies can offer such a valuable service.

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Moving house in Hanwell has just become a lot simpler with the arrival of the most affordable and efficient removal company in W7.

If you live in W8, W10 or WD1 then relocation can finally be a smooth ride, rather than the bumpy rollercoaster it used to be.

All movers in Ladbroke Grove, Hyde Park and Warwick Avenue can be put at ease knowing that we offer a comprehensive list of removal services that range from removals to storage. All you need to do is call us and let us know exactly what it is you want: we will do our utmost to help you because we know how important it is for moving house to be stress free.

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Moving house does not have to a stressful occasion in West Kensington.

For the denizens of this neighbourhood the memories of back breaking furniture lifting or heavy equipment removals have been banished into the ether by a removal company that can do it all for you.

House removals are not necessarily fun occasions but they are no much more stress free. The traditional anxieties felt by the people of WD2 when moving house can be assuaged by calling us and knowing that we put movers’ needs at the top of our list of our priorities. Because of this, we offer removal services that other removal companies don’t even think of providing.




The moving crew was excellent! They came right on time and were very cautious when packing and unpacking furniture. I'm very happy with the service!
Roger Carlyle

Absolutely phenomenal from start to finish. Their timely arrival was greatly appreciated. The team worked quickly while... More...
Leona R.

Skilled, methodical, convenient and cheap removal service that ensures a smooth and stress-free moving process. I highly... More...
Daniel Gregg

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with such polite movers.
Pamela Hamilton

Enlisted the services of Moving In for a relocation to London in December, and they exceeded all our expectations with their remarkable crew.
Renee B.

Definitely will use again!
Renee Crashaw

Needed a lot of help with the office removals - or so I thought. Turned out all I needed was Moving In. They helped me... More...
Sandra Barlow

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John Newman

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