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Moving In a Hurry? Do The Checklist!

Posted on 21/04/2016

Checklist for Moving in a Hurry

moving checklist

Moving house often times means that there is a lot of planning involved and many people take their time when they are planning. But sometimes relocations need to be done as soon as possible as you don’t always dictate the circumstances around your move. When such a hasty move is an upcoming event, you need to have a proper moving checklist which will cover all eventualities and make sure that everything will go as planned. It seems difficult to make such a list, but it is actually less imposing than it seems. Here is all you need to put in your checklist to make sure that you have a safe relocation.

moving date

• Moving date: This is probably already made known by the circumstances which are making you move in such a speedy pace, but sometimes you just want to get out from your house or flat. So have a set date in any case as your whole move will revolve around it.

removal company

• Moving company: Go to your local movers and see which removal company will be best suited for your specific needs. You need a reliable one which can work with certain dates. Pick one which is sure to be free on the specific moving date you have chosen (or was imposed). Pick one that people you know are familiar with and pick one that offers insurance.

moving house

• Relocation of services: From now on you are done with choices and you have only things you need to do. You need to inform your post office about the address change. You need to inform the electricity and water provider about the move and your new address. Make arrangements so that all the services are transferred to your new home on moving day and they are all cut from the old house.

packing supplies

• Get packing: Either go to the moving company, or go to a local market or stores to get your cardboard boxes from. Start packing at least two weeks prior to the move and start from the rarely used items all the way to the essentials, which should be packed just before moving day.

house movers

• A helping hand: If the moving day is too near to get everything done, then turn to friends and get yourself some helpers. Doing everything by yourself when you are pressed for time will be very stressful and you should not deal with it all alone. Shared work is work proper.

domestic removals

• Documents and valuables: Make sure you have gathered up all the important documents and valuables. They should be with you during the whole process and you do not want to part with them, otherwise they will all be on your mind – did you take them, when did you take them, are they safely packed, and so on. Whatever you do, do not pack them with other items that will go in the removal van – keep them about yourself.

house relocation

• Double check-ups: And, finally, you do not have to sacrifice safety in the name of speed. Whenever you can, check your checklist for everything that you have done up to this moment and then see if everything is indeed done. Have you confirmed the moving date with the moving company? Have you packed the essentials? Did you do the insurance? Did you contact your providers about the address change? When you get through a list full of yeses, then you are done.

This is the essential moving checklist you need to make when you are pressed by time. No need to sacrifice any safety – everything you do can be done properly even if you are in a hurry. The point is to be aware of everything you are doing, and to make the proper following checks to make sure everything is finished. And then you are ready for the relocation. Have a safe trip.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee

With his experience in removals, Dan provides informative articles on packing, home removals, and man and van rentals. His contributions have supported hundreds of individuals in accessing convenient and environmentally conscious services.